Seller and Buyer Safety Tips works hard to provide our users with convenient service and fun environment. We encourage you to be smart and use common sense when buying or selling your vehicle. Please read following tips to get informed of fraudster tricks and protect yourself from being scammed.

Safety Tips for Buyers

How to recognize a fraudulent seller:
  • A price is too low or too good to be true.
  • Seller asks you to send a deposit or payment via Western Union or other wire transfer methods.
  • Be cautious when dealing with individuals/companies from outside your own country.
  • A seller's phone number is out of service or rings to a fax machine AND /OR seller's post address is not verifiable.
  • A seller doesn't want to discuss over the phone, but only wants to communicate via e-mail.
  • Be cautious if seller refuse or delay to show you proof of ownership (title, VIN number, registration)

Safety Tips for Sellers

Fraudsters sometimes contact you as buyers interested in your vehicle for sale. They may try to pass you bad checks or money order and overpay you, and then ask you to refund the difference.

Remember: Fake cashier checks and money orders are common. Banks will cash fake cashier check and money order then hold you responsible when the fake is discovered weeks later. You will be expected to pay the amount of the check or money order back to the bank.

Important Fraud Prevention Tips

  • Never accept a cashier's check that is over the price of the item on sale.
  • Be aware of individuals posing as a representative of a client or willing to communicate only via e-mail.
  • Check out if buyers or sellers phone number is working, address (not a PO Box) is correct.
  • Reconsider doing business with individuals who are reluctant to provide you with detailed information on the item.
  • Be careful when dealing with individuals/companies from outside your own country.
  • Don't give out any financial information (bank account number, social security number, eBay/Pay-Pal info, etc.). Do not pay with credit card number(s) online unless the site is a secure and trusted site.
  • Keep records of all correspondence. Hold on to any e-mail, notes, shipping documents, and payment information. Be sure to print a copy of the ad! These records may prove useful in the rare event that you need to seek a refund from a seller or report an incident of fraud.
  • Advances in technology have made it possible for scammers to make counterfeit cashier checks on laser printers. For maximum safety, verify the authenticity of a cashiers check with the issuing bank before accepting it as payment for your boat.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau from the seller's area.

Actual Scam E-mails Sent to OceanList Sellers

dear seller,i am interested in your item.I am actually purchasing it for my client. do you accept moneyorders cashier check?'cos my client would want to issue out payment in that form. i will like to know your FINAL ASKING PRICE WITHOUT SHIPMENT for this item. also send to me your FULL NAMES AND MAILING ADDRESS with which payment will be made out and sent to you. I shall designate my shipper for pick up the item when time is due. feel free to contact me via my email for quick response. kindly include your email address and phone no.. ok? i await your response. thanks
Hi, 1)is this item still available for sale? 2)where are you located? 3)may i know why, you want to sell it? 4)Has this item has any damage before? 5)can i see more picx? 6)do i need to repair? 7)what year is this item manufactured? 8)what is the final price? 9)can you help me determine the weigth? 10)i have a friegth company on my own will be available for pick-up of the item? because the operate 7:00am to 7:00pm mon-saturday will you accept a certifeid cashiers check or a postal money order,i will like to know your full name and address with your phone number so that my secretary can issue the payment out to you and i will be glad to read from you can respond back to this email....
I am interested in your advert and i would like to ask some details concernng this item before proceeding with the payment. 1. How long have you owned it? If not how many previous owner? 2. Why are you selling it? 3. In your opnion, what sort of condition is it? 4. Any available photo? 5. Last Price? So, your response to these required information would be highly entertained before proceeding to the next stage. The method of payment is by money order.Kindly email back, if it"s still forsale. Regards


  1. We are constantly monitoring our listing to make sure that our classifieds are free of fraudulent information and ads, let us know if you see any suspicions activity on this site. is not involved in any transactions between buying and selling party, therefore we cannot be held liable for any scam or fraudulent activity penetrated through
  2. does not endorse any 3rd party payment services and does not have its own escrow service. If you receive information from a buyer or seller stating otherwise, please do not complete the transaction.

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